Breakouts & How To Avoid Them…

Ugh! So that time of year has come back around in full swing, soon the leaves will be falling from the trees and lining the streets, you will be swapping those summer dresses for cuddly sweaters and chunky scarves. Just as we are all preparing for the weather to change in many ways theres usually one thing we forget about – skincare! It’s so important to keep on top of skincare if we want to stay breakout free, the drastic change in weather can play havoc with our skin, drying us out, making us breakout and with everything else going on in our lives skin isn’t another thing we need to add to our list of worries. Here’s my tips on how to stay blemish free and silky smooth as we head into autumn/winter;
1) Stay hydrated! I know this may sound like I’m nagging but really I’m not. If you stay hydrated from the inside your skin will benefit from feeling plump and uplifted. It’s easy to forget about our water intake as the weather cools down but it’s just as important all year round.

2) Change your skin care along with your clothes – along with the weather the needs of our skin changed with it. Instead of using a thick moisturiser that contains SPF, I would recommend using a moisturiser of thinner consistency and applying your SPF separately. I like Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream for £43.50
3) Exfoliate – This is so important during the cooler months to keep your skin flake free and silky smooth! I exfoliate once per week with a fine/light exfoliator using my finger tips I add a little water to my desired product and buff into the skin using circular motions and remove with a warm muslin cloth. I am currently using Clarins One Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser once per week, it retails at £21.00 here
4) Wipe down your phone with an antibacterial wipe once a week. The amount of bacteria that is breeding on the surface of your phone is vast and the chances of you breaking out skyrockets as soon as you make a phone call.
5) Change your pillow cases often, at least once per week especially if you are prone to have breakouts.
6) Have a facial – personally I love having Microdermabrasion, my skin always feels refreshed afterwards and my skin appearance looks smooth and glowing. If going to a salon and paying for a treatment doesn’t fit in your budget right now then you can always DIY one, in fact it’s very fun to do! All you need is the following:
Cloth/flannel/cotton rounds
Firstly ensure your hands are clean then you can massage your cleanser onto your face and neck using upwards strokes or circular motions, once that has melted in you can wipe the product off a hot cloth/flannel/cotton rounds.
Next you apply toner to 2 cotton rounds and swipe gently over the face in an upward motion from the chin to the forehead (do the neck last).
After this you can pick up a small amount of exfoliator with your finger tips and add a little water before buffing the product into the skin in small circular motions. Use quick movements and be sure to get into the grooves of the face e.g around the nose, after 1-2 minutes you can wipe off with a hot cloth/flannel/cotton rounds.
Tone Again.
Now you are ready to apply your mask, you can use any mask of your choice even the £1.00 sachets you can get from any drug/department store will do the trick. Start to apply the mask on the areas that need it the most i.e where you are prone to break outs and then continue to add a thin layer all over the face. Leave the mask to rest for 10-15 minutes and then gently cleanse off with a hot cloth/flannel/cotton rounds.
Lastly you will need to apply an even layer of moisturiser to the skin applying the majority to the jawline and side of the forehead and then blending out with your finger tips to cover the rest of your face and neck.

Just doing this once a month can improve your skin condition drastically! But please remember that if you haven’t had a facial before or dont have them regularly the first 1 or 2 can break you out as it is lifting the dirt from your pores.
Hopefully my tips for keeping those breakouts at bay have helped you, they always work for me.


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