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Skin care has always been a must for my daily routine – as it should be for everyone else. It’s common knowledge that the skin is everyones largest functioning organ yet it is cared for so little by so many. Regardless of whether you have 3 minutes spare in the morning/night or 15 minutes there is a skin care routine out there for you! It’s just about finding the right products and the routine that fits into your lifestyle, for me that’s 2 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening; below are the products I use on a daily basis as you can see you don’t have to purchase products that are all from the same range – if anything a full range of the same product almost always breaks me out and leaves me with less than desirable skin – read on to find out my ultimate skin care routine…
Morning Regime
A quick rub with this in the morning leaves my skin feeling fresh, the active ingredients are cottonseed and gypsophila which aids to it’s cleansing and softening super powers. It currently retails at £19.50 – a little goes a very long way this product will last you a long time! I like to finish off my morning cleanse with a dud moisturiser i.e one that doesn’t contain a lot of active ingredients such as nivea or cocoa butter, you should use your expensive moisturisers at night.
Night Time Regime 
 I always start my night time routine with micellar cleansing water, I find it’s a lot more soothing to my eyes than specifically targeted eye makeup removers. It’s perfect from removing the top layer of makeup and can break through the toughest water proof mascara. Currently retailing at £4.99.
This balm is amazing for anyone who has sensitive skin or is prone to breakouts. It’s melt away buttery texture is wonderful for massaging into the skin, I like to double cleanse my skin at night by massaging the product in and then wiping away with a hot muslin cloth. This method removes all makeup & makes you feel like you are washing away the debris & pollution that clings to your skin throughout the day.
This Product by Lancome is perfect for removing traces of cleanser from the skin and help to refine the skin’s texture. This will leave your skin feeling tingly and fresh – you won’t want the feeling to stop! Available for £23.00 at Boots or Lancome Direct.
Serums are great for treating the skin as the thin silky texture can penetrate deeper layers of the skin & can act as a vacum for moisturiser by pulling in the active ingredients which are applied on top of the serum. Personally I don’t have very oily/congested skin so I like to spot treat by applying a thin layer of serum to the areas that need it. This product is currently retailing at £13.00.
As a firm believer of skincare and it’s active ingredients I think it’s never too early to start an anti ageing routine as long as the products are not too rich for your skin it will not do your skin any harm. This lotion helps to restore the skin and improves elasticity, thin and smooth in texture it’s very easy to blend into the skin. Currently retails at £45.00 for a 35ml pump.
I love this product! It tightens, refreshes & hydrates leading to the appearance of lessened dark circles and can temporary lift the eye area. Eye creams should be applied around the ocular cavity and not directly on the eye area, from this point the product should be patted into the skin using the ring finger as to not apply too much pressure. This product is currently retailing at £15.00.

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