Horror Story: Semi Permanent…

One thing I know from working in salons and clinics is that people like to talk about their experiences and rightfully so. Statistically if you have a bad a experience you will tell roughly 16 people on average but if you have a good experience than you will tell around 3 people on average; this is why reputation is so important and shows how easy it is to tear a good rep down. It still astounds me to this day why companies will allow their employees to provide less than amazing treatments on paying clientele especially after working within the industry myself for 10 years but unfortunately I’ve been on the receiving end of some horror stories myself so I’m breaking them down into a mini series on posts to share them with you!

My first subpar experience was actually with a very old tutor of mine back when I was around 16, she had left reaching and entered the world of semi permanent eyelashes at a time when this service was still relatively new. She was telling me all about how she had decided to get some training herself and had worked her way up through levels of management and was now the owner of this brand spanking new lash bar, naturally I thought I was in good hands… if only I’d had a second thought!


I was booked in for an eyelash tint and a full set of semi permanent lashes so we went through the consultation process and was asked to lie down on a big comfortable boutique chair and she proceeded to tint my lashes, as she applied the tint to my lashes she had lifted my lid too high and therefore I was left with a big lump of tint floating around on my eyeball. I jumped up out of the chair and dashed to the sink behind her flushing my eye out with water (if you’ve never had tint in your eye before, lucky you but just know it stings so much!), once I lifted my head and dried my face I looked up to see her just staring at me with a blank look on her face and asked if I was ok!

I was thinking to myself ‘ok honest mistake let’s try again’ I sat back down and continued to let her tint my lashes, everything was fine apart from the leftover burn that my eyeball had suffered… Then when it came to the application of the lashes I had faith in her due to her level of expertise, everything seemed absolutely fine as I lay there for an hour. However, imagine my horror at the end when she had notified me that she had finished and I could take a look; this is when I tried to open my eyes and realised that they were stuck together with glue! After a slight panic from me she told me to lie back down and proceeded to pry my eye lids open with 2 sets of tweezers. Needless to say it was one of the worst beauty experiences of my life, left me somewhat traumatised and I flinch now when I have lashes applied. Scarred for life apparently, I left the salon with horrendously thick, uneven lashes and bloodshot eyes..


As far as I am aware said woman is no longer operating within the industry let alone that company and to be perfectly honest I feel a lot better about that! So remember to learn from my mistakes and thoroughly do your research.


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