How To Achieve Longer Lasting Makeup!

This is a topic of conversation that I come across a lot and the majority of the time it’s about finding the right makeup for your skin type especially when it comes to foundation. Today I’m going to give you some little hints and tips to make your makeup last longer, even if you have oily skin!

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As I do a large chunk of my work on set and a lot of bridal work I know how important it is to set your makeup so it lasts all day. The secret is always in your base layer, read on to find out how to get longer lasting results from your makeup;
Think about your skin type – it’s important to know the type of skin you are working with so you know the correct products to use. As a very quick over view you would use liquid/cream foundation for dry skin and try to stay away from a powder base, power/pan for oily skin – staying away from thin liquids, cream/mouse for combination skins and just about anything for normal skin (you lucky ones)! If you add this little slice of knowledge to your routine it will make your touch ups a lot less hassle if existent at all. Prep your skin – you must always apply moisturiser before you apply any foundation even if you have oily skin. Most people can get away with applying a thin moisturiser all over the face liberally and that is exactly how you should start, for oily faces you can use a lotion that has tea tree added into the ingredients in the T-zone and put another moisturiser around the outsides of the face. This little trick protects your pores from becoming clogged with products and give the foundation something to stick to.

Pick your powder carefully – contrary to popular belief the more powder definitely isn’t for the better, the more layer you add to the skin the more texture you give it and the more likely you will end up looking cakey. For dry/normal skin a fine colourless powder would be best something like RCMA powder which retails at $12.00 here If you have oily/combo skin you get use a much more dense powder like a product that comes in a pan for example Stay Matte powder from Clinique which you can pick up for £21.00 here, I would recommend applying with a brush.

Highlight and contouring – these 2 techniques works with the same principal, make sure that you pick the correct product for your skin. Normal/dry skin would be best with a liquid or cream highlighter such as these ones from benefit, whereas oily/combo skin would benefit much more from a powder highlight to stop it from ‘sliding’ such as Beyond Powder by Illamasqua retailing at £32.00 here



If you have oily lids I would recommend using a highly pigmented gel liner with staying power over pencils or liquid liners that can easily smudge or smear.


This one sounds like a no brainer but apply your makeup in a cool area, if you live in a hot country but such to apply you makeup in a  room with sufficient aircon or even a small fan will do just fine. Applying your makeup somewhere cooler pays off in a big way because you are allowing the makeup to settle onto your skin before exposing it to further elements.



Lastly lets talk about setting sprays, this is either a love or hate product and thats really due the fact that a lot of people feel as though their face is ‘stuck’. Again this is just about finding a products thats right for you, one of my personal favorites is Ben Nye Final Seal which you can get for around£7.00 With any setting spray you should aim to be around forearms length away from the face spraying the sides of the face first and the middle last starting from forehead the neck in a downward swooping motion.


So there you have it, just a few tips to help you with your makeup routine. As you can see the magic is in really knowing yours/you clients skin type and working from there, unfortunately I see many people who buy products because they like the packaging or they have seen somebody else use it that they look up to only to be disappointed when it doesn’t work for them. Knowing your skin type is key, if you tailor your products to your skin type you’ll never have a bad makeup day again!


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