Let’s Talk About Face Masks…

We all know I’m a sucker for good skincare, I spend a minimum of 15 minutes per day just cleansing my face and for very good reason too. There is time in everyones routine for a simple but good skin care regime and adding a mask in to the mix should be seen as a necessity not as an inconvenience or even as a luxury. Regardless of whether you have the 30 minutes to relax in the bath with your face mask on or only have 5 minutes after you’ve put the kids to bed at night, I promise there is a mask out there to suit your skin type and time needs.

Before I tell you my favourite face masks I’m going to share with you why you need to add a mask into your skincare routine and the benefits it has on your skin:
  • It provides you with a deep skin cleansing – a good face mask helps to draw out all the impurities that are held underneath the epidermis i.e the top layers of skin which in turn prevents breakouts if you care for your skin often enough instead of causing them. The initial 1 or 2 masks can sometimes see a worsening of breakouts but after the 2nd or 3rd mask you should see a massive difference in your skin for the better.
  • Unclog your pores – As I stated previously in this article this will help to prevent breakouts; if you apply a mask regularly it catches the bacteria before it has time to sink into your pores and settle creating a blockage, this leads to a build up of bacteria causing breakouts & rough skin.
  • Healthy glowing skin – after all this is what we all strive for isn’t it? Applying a masks softens the skin and allows your natural glow to shine through the newly cleansed and hydrated layers of skin. You will notice a smooth texture to your skin just after the first application, over time this will enhance radiance and in tun you will look more refreshed!
  • It stops you from wasting your money – yes really! If you enjoy using expensive products on your face, especially when it comes to skin care then a mask is an absolute must. Imagine spending all that money on luxury serums and miracle toners only for it not to work because the product can’t reach the deeper layers of skin due to clogged pores and skin cell build up? What a tragedy that would be!
  • If I haven’t won you over by now you can use the 5 minutes as an excuse to relax… Just to take 5 minutes out once every 2 weeks with a nice glass of wine, sit still, apply your mask & delve into the realm of relaxation for a little while. Not only will you destress but your skin will thank you for it!
Ok, now moving on to the fun part… This is where I tell you about my favourite face masks, where you can purchase them and exactly how much they will cost:
This mask is great for a deep cleanse as it extracts all traces of dirt from the pores, it contains dead sea minerals & sea kelp to clarify and soften the skin – can be used on all skin types. It currently retails at £1.00 per 20G, such a steal at that price!
Pure Focus is best for combination to oily skin types as it contains white clay which can sometimes be quite drying. This mask absorbs all impurities and draws any excess oil out of the skin, it is best for prevention breakouts and tightening the pores to give skin a smooth, refined look & feel. Currently retailing at £32.95 for 100ml.
Fruit active masks are wonderful for reviving tired, dull looking skin by rejuvenating, cleansing & brightening the skin. This mask has strawberry and kiwi extracts which means your skin will feel tingly and light once applied so you can really feel the mask working its magic, it also provides great nourishment for the skin! Currently retailing at £31.00 for 75ml.
 Usually I wouldn’t include a cosmeceutical skin care product as it’s usually something that has to be prescribed to you by a clinician however this is my holy grail of face masks! It’s best for dry skin types or those who are interested in slowing down the ageing process; you only need to use a teeny tiny amount and can leave it on for 5-20 minutes dependant on your life style. Unfortunately I can’t give you a solid price on this product as it ships from Australia and I’ve found that the price varies from clinic to clinic, I pick mine up for anything between £45.00-£56.00 in recent months.

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