Most Disappointing Products in 2016

Usually I’m very good at buying personal makeup for myself; I research beforehand, get testers if I need to & read reviews etc. However, sometimes (just sometimes) a few products end up in my personal collection that make me wonder why I even bother with makeup in general. Sometimes they just aren’t way they seem or a ‘cult classic’ doesn’t quite suit me, luckily I tend to sift through them quite quickly so here is my list of products that didn’t make the cut for me in 2016 so far:
Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer
 Ok, so yes, it’s a cult classic; yes, it’s high coverage but it does it cater to pale complexions? No. Not even remotely, talking as somebody who can make a 00(white) toned foundation blend into my skin this product was far too orange and left a cakey look around my eyes which I did not enjoy to say the least!

Estee Lauder Maximum Coverage Foundation
This is a hit and miss product for me, if they created more than 6 shades and catered for both lighter and darker skin tones they would be on to a winner here! I love this foundation when mixed with Illamasqua’s 00 foundation, it’s quick drying which I personally love when it comes to foundation & it doesn’t leave a cake residue on the skin once settled – the downside to this is that it isn’t easy for travel. In all the problem I have with this foundation is the colour range and the fact it oxidises on my skin when not mixed with another medium making it even darker.
YSL Fusion Foundation
As such a highly anticipated product I was so disappointed when I tried this; the shade is fair, I found 2 shades that suited me quite well but if your skin is deeper than a dark medium you might struggle with this product. As a foundation that claims to be medium to full coverage I was surprised to see that it was a liquid texture, not only that but also VERY watery, the consistency was had to work with for me although it dries down quite quickly I was left with product trying to cling to dry patches of skin which meant several touch ups through out the day (something I loathe doing, once my makeup is done I like it to last my working day).
YSL Babydoll Mascara
At first I loved this mascara, the separation of lashes was great and seemed to stay put however after around 2-3 days of using this product it started to flake and the product dried out within the tube & my eyes were made sore. After this I swapped the tube for a new one and gave my eyes a week long break from makeup and tried it again but unfortunately the same thing happened over a longer period of time! I am unsure whether I had an allergic reaction to this product or whether the brush with to rigid for me as I tend to use soft fibre mascara wands rather than plastic ones, either way my lashes started to fall out and it took nearly 4 months of conditioning to grow them back.
Accessorise Lipstick
Although I didn’t have my hopes set too high for this product I definitely thought it was going to be better than it actually is. Usually when clothing/accessory companies launch a makeup line its a flop, however I thought that this brand would have put more into this line due to having a older demographic than a similar store such as forever 21. This lipstick is drying & hard to blend which gives lips a chapped look even though they may not be, the colour pay off was good when you could actually deposit the product, I found there were similar alternatives from makeup revolution etc which are a lot better/easier to use.

So there you have it! My unwanted list so far for 2016, let me know if you have used any of these products and what you thought of them! As for YSL & Estee Lauder they are brands that I love and use frequently but unfortunately these products just are not for me, not everything can please everyone.

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