Top 3 Favourite Nude Lip Products

Just before the summer month is over I just thought I would like to take this time to go over my top 3 favourite nude lip products that I have adored over the summer, I’m not quite ready to stash away the nudes and pull out the red and burgundy shades just yet! Perfect nude shades are hard to find especially if you have a very pale or very dark complexion, below is a list of my love’s that have been in my kit since April; personally I wear all of these shades myself and I have a light 001-001 skin tone but for you my lovelies I will categorise all 3 into matching skin shades:


Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick – Agatha 


When I think of a great nude for pale skin tones the first thing that comes to mind is a pale nude shade with either peach or pink undertones depending on the tonality of the skin. I have a neutral undertone so can easily wear both therefore having neutral undertones in my kit are so beneficial to have because of the wide scale of clients I can use the product on, my top contender for pale skin is Agatha by Kat Con D. This beautiful lipstick has a matte finish leaving a velvet touch to the lips, Agatha does have a slight peach undertone to it. I would recommend exfoliating your lips before wearing as the matte texture can stick to dry patches on the lips if they are not sufficiently hydrated. This Product currently retails for $21.00.
Medium skin tones tend to have the most choice when it comes to cosmetics or at least that’s how it has been in the past, fortunately that’s all changing now and in the process it’s giving all you medium toned girls/guys even more choice! This lip product is one that I love, it’s highly moisturising which means it doesn’t settle into any cracks or lines and the coverage is buildable so you can wear it either sheer or full coverage, it retails in the UK for £3.00.
Until very recently dark skin tones have always been relatively hard to shop for in the UK, in the past products have either looked far too ash or too pink against the skin. I’ve took my time over the years and invested in some great products that look wonderful on darker skin tones, this product from YSL gives a great plump look the lips with light reflective particles that carry a neutral undertone. My favourite is Rouge Pour Couture by YSL which currently retails at £26.00.


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