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Today I’m going to share my favourite tools to apply makeup with! As a professional makeup artist I have a wide range of brushes in different styles, hair, brands finishes etc but only a few make it into my personal collection… There are many reasons for this, mainly due to the sensitivity of my skin not liking harsh bristles, my love for cruelty free brands & being disappointed with many ‘cult’ favourites; I will break it down into sections of the face but remember as you will soon see in a couple of youtube videos I will publish in October I occasionally use pencil brushes as contour brushes or contour brushes for highlight etc, makeup up and the tools that go with it are meant to be a fun way of expressing yourself – so use them however you see fit!
This brush is eco friendly made of bamboo and recycled materials, perfect for buffing in foundation, using setting powder or blending. This brush comes everywhere with me, I like to apply products with quick, light circular motions which leaves my skin flawless and streak free.
I personally use beauty blenders for melting foundation/concealer into my skin or buffing out harsh contour lines. The suede-like texture which is also latex free allows you to grip this sponge from any angle making it very easy to to get into any nooks such as around the eyes & nose. I always mix my products first then pick up a small amount onto the beauty blender and gently pat the product where I need it.
This dense brush is perfect for cheekbone & jawline definition, the rigidity of the brush makes it easy to control and deposit the product exactly where you want it.
I love to use this brush for contour/highlighter, it’s great for defining the hollows of the cheekbones or sweeping highlight over the cheekbones and down the centre of the face. The long handle makes it easy to quickly blend along with the duo fibres which are very kind to the skin.
This brush is such a fantastic tool! I use it for buffing & blending in the contours of the eye to create a flawless smokey look. It is gentle in texture and is non irritating to the eye so it doesn’t leave behind a soreness that many brushes can do when used on sensitive areas of the face.
The Sigma synthetic brush is easy on the eyes, I mainly use this for an inner corner highlight, cutting the crease or nose contour and works wonderfully for all! It’s precision tip allows you to get close and really define the eye without causing damage to the surrounding skin.
This brush is my go to for lipstick/gloss application, the brush itself is synthetic and quite dense making it easy to control as there’s little risk of fly away fibres. Easy to clean, dries very quickly as well which is a bonus if your anything like me and change my lip colour on a daily basis!
As you can see from this blog article I use little tools when it comes to my own makeup, this is mainly due to the fact I believe that your hands can be used for many techniques when it comes to makeup. I always use a palette & wear latex free gloves when working on clients due to cross infection/contamination, my personal makeup is also separate from my work kit. One piece of advice that has always stuck with me was a statement I received from a tutor I had at university ‘everyone thinks that it’s the products that make a good makeup artist but just like any other artist it’s really the tools that are worth investing in’ – whilst I still believe that to be true, luckily for us now we don’t need to shell out £££+ for great brushes because there available on a budget! Just need to do some research and make sure they are right for you.


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