How To Get Healthy Hair

I’m a self proclaimed hair wrecker – I grow my hair, cut it all off, dye it black to blonde and back to black again with no down time so because I’m somewhat of an expert on repairing damaged hair I’m going to give you my best tips on how to restore it back to good health!
  • Don’t over wash your hair – I can’t stress to you enough how much over washing strips your hair of all natural oils and make it feel like straw. Wash your hair a maximum of 3 times per week, even if you have very oily hair!
  • Deep condition your hair – even if you only do this once a month your hair will love you for it and you’ll begin to love the texture of your hair. I love to use a blend of hair oil and a hair mask, slathering it on my hair and popping a plastic bag over my hair to seal in the heat (glamorous I know). After 20 minutes I wash it all off and let it dry naturally, I promise it will be the softest your hair has ever felt.


  • Don’t sleep on wet hair – this can damage your hair follicle which can lead to dry, frizzy hair, not to mention the dreaded split ends!


  • Don’t use heat on your hair – I know that this can be a real challenge for some as most of us like to have styled hair regardless of whether it looks natural or not. Heat is one of the main reasons hair is damaged so easily, I would recommend to cut your blowing/styling down to once a week. If that sounds a little to restrictive for you, challenge yourself and try twice a week and feel your hair transform!


  • Don’t dye your hair – this is one of the only times you will ever hear me contradict myself! Although I dye my hair a lot I always try to use natural products as much as I can such as food colourants or henna etc, the only time I ever introduce bleach is if I want to take my hair up a few levels (make it lighter). I only ever use a 6% low level bleach on my hair, it may take 4-6 months to lighten it to the shade I like but I sure won’t be risking my hair in the process. The key here is patience, just think you will have the luscious¬†hair you desire and in better condition if you wait for it!

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