Blemishes? Let me help you cover them…

 It’s coming up to the time of year where we all naturally become more stressed than usual, we start thinking about work, the weather and how close christmas is. This poses a problem for the state of our skin! Hopefully you have good, healthy skin and don’t suffer from breakouts but unfortunately theres many of us that do.
Don’t worry though and definitely don’t stress even more because I’m going to show you my fool proof method to covering them up and it’s not as traditional as you may think. Until recently colour correcting has stayed out of the headlines and in the secret pocket books of the professionals, so stay with me whilst I divulge…
1. The first step is to conceal the blemish with a medium-dark orange concealer, this will help to hide the dark cast caused by the blemish that a green concealer just can’t hide as well. You can also use a matte orange eyeshadow if you don’t have any green concealer to hand.
2. Dust with a light coat of translucent powder.
3. Secondly pat a small amount of green concealer over the top of the orange concealer. Be sure to pat and not wipe as you don’t want to move the product underneath!
4. Then dust a light amount of translucent powder over the product.
5. Next you can apply your normal foundation/concealer on as normal but please remember to pat the product on over the top of the concealer as buffing/swiping motions may move the product underneath, we can’t have all of your good efforts going to waste!
6. Set your foundation or concealer as normal.
Wallah! No more blemishes in sight 😉

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