Are You Hygienic? How To:

I’m all for a good self taught makeup artist or stylists in fact some of them are the best in the biz, the only thing that worries me is the possible lack of hygiene. Don’t get me wrong I unfortunately trained with some people who’s hygiene was compromised when it comes to working with makeup but as a self taught MUA keeping products and tools clean is something that is all too often over looked.


Usually when training within a university or private school if you have bad hygiene then you fail however, the social world has seen an influx of top makeup artists who totally misses the ball park when it comes to bacteria & cross infection. Below are my initial go-to steps I take to make sure my work station, products & tools are kept clean.

  • Before you even think about laying out your kit, disinfect your work station (even if you are on location) and then lay down some bed rolls/paper towels/clean towel before you pop your products on top.


  • Have a spray bottle of brush cleaner/alcohol to clean your brushes as soon as you are finished with them.


  • You MUST use disposable wands for mascara.


  • Have a pencil sharpener on hand to sharpen pencils after each use, this includes before popping the lid back on as this can lead to cross contamination.


  • Always try to use a spatula or palette when using lipstick/lip gloss instead of using it directly from the bullet. If you do have to use it directly from the bullet I would recommend giving this product to your client (include it in the price of your services) or at the very least wiping over the bullet with alcohol.


  • The above being said try to use disposable makeup brushes or doe foot applicators when apply lip products.


  • When applying powders in any form i.e eye shadow, loose/pressed face powders etc you must scrape of the amount of your desired product onto a palette and apply from there.


  • Wear gloves! Latex or non latex gloves are available; as we all know a makeup artists hands are their best tools but they also carry a lot of bacteria, I picked this up many years ago after working behinds the scenes on catwalks (not the cleanest of places). It’s a great alternative to dry, cracked hands after applying to much alcohol rub.


  • Always remember to wipe over your products and tools with disinfectant after use/in between each client.


  • Break down your kits as you set it up; put paper towels directly into the bin along with any disposables and discard of straight away and then disinfect your work station as well.


These are just the basics but they do cover a lot of aspects that could potentially cause cross contamination. You will see from my youtube videos that I do apply my own makeup like this when using from my kit but if I am using my own personal makeup I will apply it directly. I hope this helped you gain a little more insight into the hygiene that comes with being a makeup artist!



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