UseThe majority of us are strapped for time and feel like we are in a constant rush, especially when trying to get out of the door for work in the morning! I’m going to share with you some super quick hacks I’ve picked up over the years, this article will probably turn into a series of posts because I can’t possible narrow them all down to my favourites as they are all so good!


  • Apply bronzer in the shape of a 3, starting at the centre of the forehead, moving around the temples to the ear, under the cheekbone then back to the ear and finally to the centre of the chin. The technique will give you the most natural looking contour for your face shape!


  • Don’t use coloured powder if you have oily or dehydrated skin, it will make your face look cakey; instead try translucent!


  • Don’t extend the tail of your brow too far, it will make you look like you have smaller eyes than your actually do. For the correct way to measure brows follow this guide…



  • Use different masks on different areas of the face i.e if you have an oily T-zone apply a charcoal mask but have dry cheeks? Combine with a Vit C mask to hydrate on this area. It’s a way of giving your skin what it really needs without having to find extra time to do 2 different masks.


  • To hep flush toxins out of your pores mix a small amount of Epsom salt with your cleanser and buff into the skin for 1-2 minutes.


  • Use conditioner or baby oil to shave your legs with instead of soap or traditional shaving cream to a softer, smoother feel. Remember to clean to bath/shower out afterwards as it will be left very slippy and could cause an accident!


  • Mix sugar (brown if possible) & olive oil for a highly moisturising lip scrub.

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