Favourite Products: October

I have seen a slight shift in my attitude towards reaching for some of my favourite products due to the change this months favourites are going to include a little bit of everything, not just makeup!


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Face & Body

Clarins – Body Rich Moisturiser £30.00

This Moisturiser Melts into my skin effortlessly, it’s silky texture is wonderful and doesn’t need a lot of drying time. It contains Shea Butter & Orange Blossom which helps to reduce the signs of ageing (if you have any) & also provides protection from environmental pollution.



Aveeno – Moisturing Creamy Oil £9.65

This oil is amazing, it doesn’t leave an oily/sticky residue on the skin. This oil contains Sweet Almond Oil which is greatly moisturising to the skin.



Espa – Gradual Tan Face Serum £24.00

Why do I love this product? Because it contains Plant Melanin which works with your skin to formulate the perfect tan shade for you. This works so well for me as I am pale, very pale really so it doesn’t make me looks too dark and doesn’t leave behind an orange cast at all.




Bare Minerals – Blemish Remedy £15.00

I only tried this product for the first time around a week ago but have been using it since, when I do wear foundation (not often) I can break out as my skin isn’t used to not being as breathable as usual and this have been perfect for me. I wouldn’t say that is does a lot in terms of coverage but for keeping oily patches at bay and preventing and further breakout it’s been great – I use Clearly Pearl.



Espa – Lip Treatment £19.00

This lip treatment contains Raspberry and Pomegranate seed Omega Oils for moisturising, collagen-boosting Indian Gentian Leaves and Hyaluronic Acid Filling Spheres – we all know what this means; a plump, fuller looking pout with zero effort. This treatment has rejuvenated my lips, I have used it every day since the beginning of August and one of the best things about it? It smells like wine gums. Yummy!




Armani – Armani Code for Women £47.00

I recently received off I very close friend for my birthday and I cannot tell you how much I have been loving this perfume since. It was such a great show back to the past as I used to wear it many years ago (good thing he remembered)! Although the focal scent within this perfume is Orange Blossom what comes through for me the most is Vanilla with a hint of Jasmine, uh just wonderful!




Yankee Candle – Snowflake Cookie from £8.99

This is my absolute favourite candle of all time (so far)! Imagine walking in to your home and smelling freshly baked hot cookies mixed in with the sweetest scent of icing. Like it? That’s exactly what this candle is…









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