Why I LOVE and HATE Bonfire Night!

Bonfire night has always been a love/hate event for me and I’m going to tell you why…


  • It’s cosy – There’s only a few things better than getting all cosy in a warm coat and chunky scarf on a chilly night waiting to see pretty things.


  • It’s nearly Christmas – for me bonfire night is the start of Winter because it’s past Halloween, the weather gets colder (in the UK at least), evening become darker and I get that excitement for Christmas!


  • The fireworks – I like seeing fireworks light up the sky and cascade into thin air as they fall from the sky, it’s good for me – from a distance (more about this later).


  • Sparklers – I LOVE sparklers they are hands down the best thing about bonfire night for me, well that and…


  • Smores – am I right? I actively look forward to my melted marshmallows and fluffy hot chocolate on Bonfire night.


  • That smell – you know which one I mean, the one that fills the air for 4 days after the 5th (probably shouldn’t admit to that but it’s too good for me).



  • The fireworks – I know I sound like I’m on the fence here and that’s because I am. I like seeing fireworks from a distance, never close up and I also don’t like the loud noises or any loud noises that isn’t music if I’m honest.


  • The event goes on for too long – luckily I currently live out in the country side so I don’t have to deal with fireworks in the city but I still have to put up with the shows national parks put on for a week either side of the 5th of November.


  • Animals – I don’t suppose a lot of people would think about this unless you have a pet but my puppy really, REALLY doesn’t like them. She shakes and cries all night unless she is glued to my side which luckily she is most of the time anyway 🙂



Let me know if you love or hate bonfire night in the comments below and tell me why! Hoping I regain a greater appreciation for it this year.

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