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I’m one of those people who always has at least 4 bottles of perfume on the go at one time! One half of my dresser was full of perfume bottles that were waiting to be used up until recently so I’ve whittled them down and only have my favourites left standing proud. One thing you should know before I start this list is that I’m a little obsessed with Vanilla…



  • Madagascan Vanilla Oil – unfortunately as far as I’m aware this product is unavailable  as it’s been discontinued which makes me so sad because I use it has the base for all my other perfumes! Luckily I have 2 x 15ml bottles of these left, if you can find any they are just amazing, perfect mix between floral and oriental scents.
  • Black XS by Paco Rabanne – I LOVE this perfume, it’s very long lasting which for me is always a bonus as I dislike having to respray a lot of perfume throughout the day. It contains black vanilla & tamarind flower, the scent thats left is sweet yet has a deep woody note to it as well. Perfect!


  • La Vie Est Belle EDP by Lancome – I actually think this may just be my all time favourite perfume. I bought a few bottles at once last year as I always find a perfume I love and the stockists have a habit of discontinuing it! It contain jasmine, orange blossom and patchouli quite strong scents but when blended together it creates a soft delicate scent with staying power.


  • Armani Code EDP by Giorgio Armani – uh! This perfume is so good I cant even describe it. With notes of orange blossom, madagascan vanilla, jasmine & honey it makes this scent feel overall mysterious with such a fabulous blend of ingredients.


  • Killer Queen – until recently when I have gone full time writing my blog and focusing a little more on my youtube channel, I used to work in a clinic doing a lot of different massage techniques and spending a lot of time just been generally covered in oils and lotions (which don’t smell very nice). I needed something strong to mask the scent of carrier oil and when someone bought me this perfume for christmas it ended up being perfect, the notes are patchouli, dark plum & jasmine.


My past product I tend to of gone off due them becoming to sweet for my taste but I shall briefly go through them with you anyway.

  • Princess by Vera Wang – I loved this perfume for such a long time and then seemed to go off it over night. The scent itself is delicate and very feminine due to the lightness of the notes used, 2 different types of vanilla, waterlily & lady apple run throughout this perfume.


  • Amor Amor  by Cacharel – The notes in this product are slightly stronger than in the Vera Wang product with vanilla, jasmine & blackcurrant, this is a perfume with staying power; it’s almost like it never fades.
  • Elle EDP by YSL – This is possible one of the earthiest perfumes I’ve owned and surprise, surprise it doesn’t contain vanilla! It contains pink berries, lychee, peonies and patchouli, it’s just lovely but after using it for such a long time I think I just became bored of it!
  • Chanel Chance EDT – lighter than my usual scents although it was still a favourite of mine for around a year or so. With notes of jasmine, grapefruit & white musk it left a fruity/floral scents – perfect as a day time scent.


Anything that came before this is a mystery to me, I was trying to mull it over for a while to remember products of the past but it has escaped my memory! Let me know if you use any of these perfumes or if you have any recommendation for me.

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