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I’m very new to Youtube but I have been watching for years and recently started interacting with others on the site so I have a new found love for Youtube (not that I needed it). I’m sure you have heard of these wonderful Youtube personalities that I’m about to list below but surely they deserve the appreciation for their continued hard work and dedication to keeping us all entertained!


@shaaanxo – I found Shaaanxo in around 2010 and have been following since, I love her personal style and how that comes across in her videos.

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@Waynegoss – I was first made aware of Wayne’s videos before he did talk through’s way back when and his transformations were amazing! He’s so informative and gives great, short videos featuring the information that you really need to know.

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@Tati – Tati offers a sophisticated side of youtube that I love, she comes across very soothing, informative & genuine. Tati has been one of my favourite channels to watch for about 2 years as I only found her around that time.

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@Samantha – I have also mentioned Sam in a previous blog, I started watching her when she was relatively new to Youtube and loved her content straight away. If you haven’t seen her skin focus videos yet, I highly recommend them!

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@Soph – I only found this channel around a month ago but I am so glad I did, Soph’s bubbly personality comes across on screen and her dry sense of humour is on parr with mine so she’s fun to watch!

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As per usual if you have any awesome recommendations for me please let me know in the comments section below!


@TanyaBurr – I don’t know how I’ve managed o miss Tanya for all these years but I’ve actually only recently discovered her channel. I love how youthful & bubbly her personality comes across in her videos!

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