MAKEUP 101: Makeup Shelf Life

Welcome to my first post of Makeup 101, it’s going to be a series of posts where I tell you everything I know about makeup from beginners level all the way through to advanced. It sounds heavy I know but Im going to break it all down into bite sized chunks so it’s easy to digest and you can take all of the information in.


So let’s start with the basics and talk about makeup shelf life! Many of us hold on to our makeup way longer than we should and we defiantly apply it a hell of a lot longer than we should. The shelf like of your makeup is all about protecting your skin & eyes etc. Fortunately now makeup brands have become aware of the ack of knowledge surrounding this topic and have actually started to print the use by date on the back of the product but there’s many that haven’t adopted this yet.



Typically foundation lasts around a year but sometimes even less; the best way to keep it clean and fresh is to avoid using your fingers around the pump/spatula and always use a palette. The best way to tell if it’s going off is the consistency or thickness of the formula starts to change.




Lasts for 2 years-3 years especially if oil based as these formulas do tend to be slightly more resistant to germs. If your lipstick is going off the colour will change and it will start to smell like crayons.




Lasts for 3 years but remember to sharpen regularly to keep contamination to a minimum.




6 months maximum, no exceptions. Remember your eyes are the most sensitive part of your face and you do not want to damage them, if you drop your mascara wand on a surface that hasn’t been cleansed throw it away. You will no if you need to change your mascara as it will dry out.


Loose Powder


Hallelujah! We have a winner – loose powder can last for years. Keep it stored in a cool place, out of direct sunlight but if at any point it starts to look lumpy it’s time to replace because it means that there is moisture in the powder.


Powder Compacts


Powder compacts are items such as palette, shadows, blush etc. Usually lasts for 3 years but can be a year either side, if the product is going off it will become hard, crack and have a chalky texture.





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