Christmas Survival Guide!

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Ok, Christmas is looming and getting ever closer to creeping up on us. Usually I love Christmas but for some reason I’m not feeling that into it just yet but I’m hoping that will change soon! So if your like me and just aren’t in the mood for it this year or if your a little humbug then keep on reading to see my Christmas Survival Guide…


  • Get rid of the idea of the perfect Christmas! I know this might sound contradictory but in reality if you lessen expectations and not try to create the perfect moments then they will happen naturally! Just go with it and enjoy yourself.


  • Don’t try to do everything yourself – this should be a given but we all have that one particular person who seems to take the world on their shoulders on Christmas day and decides to entertain everyone & be the perfect host whilst trying to cook 7 different types of potatoes. Don’t let that be you.
  • On that note if you are a guest, take some responsibility. Let the host know what your doing! If your going to bake a fabulous cake let it be know, if your on dish washing duty tell everyone so people know where they can help.
  • Feeling overwhelmed? Take 5 minutes to destress yourself, imagine yourself on a beach, go visit nature; just take some time to yourself. It’s easy to forget about personal space this time of year but remember not to neglect yourself.
  • Start early – I’m aware not everyone can do this and I empathise with you! The early you shop the easier it is and therefore less stressful.


  • Finally don’t forget what Christmas is about for you! Whether it’s about family, religion, love or creating something beautiful with unique skills; it’s about enjoying yourself.

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