Things I Love & Hate About Christmas

Amazing Christmas Decorations!

Christmas is usually a love or hate holiday but for me it almost falls somewhere in the middle, let me tell you why I love & hate christmas!



  • The run up – I love the run up to christmas so much, I like going to christmas markets, different hall events how chilly it gets & twinkle lights etc.


  • Family time – extra family time is a always a bonus.
  • Everything is cosy and magical on christmas day.
  • Wrapping presents – I get so excited when I’m wrapping other peoples presents up. I’m somewhat of a perfectionist and have to make sure everything is pretty & perfect.


  • Seeing others opening there presents, especially if theres puppies involved.


  • I find the actual day quite boring – nothing is open, you can’t go anywhere so are pretty much forced to stay in the house all day or attend a house party with people you only see once a year! No thanks…
  • I despise having to eat at a certain time, when I’m hungry I need to eat right there and then because of this 9/10 I’m full by the time christmas dinner rolls around.


  • Having to stay at your parents house all day whilst your aunties & uncles 4 times removed come around because they have visitation rights on this special day.

Which side of the fence do you sit on? Do you love Christmas day or do you hate it? Let me know in the comments section!

Amazing Christmas Decorations!

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