The amount of times I’ve heard people say ‘I’d love to wear red lips but I just don’t think ¬†they suit me’ so let me tell you that there IS a shade out there that will suit everyone but remember something suiting you and being comfortable to wear something are 2 completely different things. A red lip is a bold statement as it screams siren just like a bold cat eye screams rock chick! Below are my valuable tips and tricks on how you can slay that red lip and my favourite products…

Skin Tone

Pale Girls? Use a blue based or pink based red – think cranberry or raspberry to compliment your complexion.

Olive Skinned? Earthy tones will brighten up your complexion & make you glow.

Yellow undertone? Orange based reds are your saviour!

Medium – dark complexion? Try a true pilar box red, I’d love to say that you are the lucky ones as you would think this colour would be easy to find but unfortunately it’s not that simple but when it’s worth it, it’s so worth it!

Deep skin tone? Think Merlot and darling you are there.


  • Always line your lips with a liner as closely matched in colour to your lipstick, this stops the colour from running.
  • If your lips are dry exfoliate & condition them before applying your lipstick, try using a small amount of sugar mixed with honey and buffing into the lips.
  • If your lip stick always runs or bleeds around the edges you can try this trick; apply liner & lipstick then blot with a thin piece of tissue, apply the tissue over the lips and brush translucent powder over top, remove the tissue and apply a second thing layer of lipstick. This should ensure your lipstick does not move!

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