Beauty Trends That Don’t Deserve The Spotlight in 2017!

We’ve all seen the trends of 2016, unfortunately there has been a couple of trends that have been bad for health & body image. These are the trends that I feel need to die out in 2017…

Disclaimer: this is not me bashing any particular trend as such it is just my opinion as an experienced makeup artist and dermatologist.


Heavy Contour 

Heavy contouring looks beautiful under stage lights, camera lights & for special occasions when your know you will be photographed a lot. Heavy contouring is not flattering in the harsh light of day! Back in the day contouring was reserved for people within the film, stage & music industries due to all of the bright heated lights which leads me to stay that the majority of women/girls who wear this type of contour 100% don’t need it.

Skin is porous which in turn means it needs to breathe, the more product you apply to your skin the more the risk heightening of you developing acne, lumps & bumps under the skin & an un even skin tone. Only wear product wear you need it but having said that if you do LOVE to wear heavy contour just ensure you are cleansing and moisturising your skin intensely.




Block Brows

Ok, so maybe I am biased here because I LOVE natural brows. Groomed but natural! There are very  few people in the world who structurally suit blocked out brows, especially towards the front of the face i.e the beginning of the brow. Hopefully they can be saved in 2017!



Full Coverage Everything

I promise that if you wear full coverage everything, you will of aged yourself by at least 7 years. Full coverage foundation is for problem skin, let your freckles shine thorough in 2017! When you pair a plastic looking face with full pouty matte lips & a black smokey eye you are effectively trying to make yourself look older. Let your skin breathe…


Lip Lines

I cannot express how pointless this is! Lip Liner is there to maintain a barrier between your biplane and facial skin, also can be used to help lipstick adhere to the skin if you have lots of little lines within your lips. However if you are using lip lines techniques to try and make your lips look pouty and then proceeding to cover the lines up with lipstick you are defeating the object here.

The best way to do this is to use a nude pink toned lip liner, over line the lips then put 1 line directly down the centre of the bottom lip and 2 smaller lines leading off from the centre and then top that off with some lip balm and clear gloss. I have seen people cover the lines up with a dark lipstick so many times that they are instantly covering up the lines & loosing the illusion.


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