Types of Foundation Explained!!!

It seems to be on everyones beauty wish list to clean perfectly clear skin. This truly lies in your diet and skincare more than anything else but foundation has allowed us the ability to be able to produce a natural look that resembles real skin yet covers imperfections just enough. A lot of women fear the cakey feeling of foundation however there any many formulas and application techniques that stop this from happening.


In order to achieve that highly professional look foundation, concealer and powder is needed. For now let’s concentrate on foundation!


Main Aspects

There are 2 main aspects to take into consideration when choosing a foundation, these being texture and colour. In this blog I’m going to be talking about types of foundation and what would be best for you, the next article will be all about how to colour test to match your foundation.



The formulation of foundations vary for a very good reason. The look and feel of the product on your face depends on the texture and formation and how well it sits on the texture of your skin. Please see chart below to explore this further:

Liquid Foundation

Good for dry & oily skin types, offers light to medium coverage usually however some products can be build able to a high coverage. Look for a salon finish to moisturise the skin or a matte finish for those with oily skin, this can be applied using a sponge, brush or clean fingers.


Cream Foundation

Best for dry skin, not great for oily or combination skin types. Slight heavier than liquid in coverage, still offering light-medium coverage. Cream foundation should be applied with a light hand using a sponge or dense brush, avoid applying liberally as this will end up creating a mask over the face and covering the skin completely.


Stick Foundation

Good for all skin types however will need to be set with powder if you have oily or combination skin. Gel or powder finish formulas tend to feel light on the skin whilst giving light-max coverage. Best applied with a sponge or dense brush.


Powder Foundation

Good for all skin types except very dry skin. Best applied with a sponge for all over good coverage, light-medium coverage depending on the brand/formulation chosen.


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