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Lucky me got to talk to Amanda Cadena personally to ask her about her insight into the makeup industry and how/why she decided to create the social media empire that is THE UDM TEAM. Read on to learn more about UDM and how you can be featured on their Instagram page, which currently has over 200K followers…
About Amanda
What is your favourite product?
Coty Airspun Translucent Setting Powder <<< -which you can get here.


What was your fave makeup trend of 2016?
“Instagram Brows”


How did you get into the makeup industry?
I have always had a love for makeup and two years ago I became fascinated with beauty gurus. I loved how Instagram and YouTube enabled them to show their skills and creativity to the world, I thought it would be fun to build my own platform and I have been enjoying it ever since. 


I noticed from browsing your website that everyone who works for you has a creative background, that must be quite an interesting team?
Yes, all of the ladies who help me run the page are makeup artists/hair stylists. I met them via Instagram and asked if they wanted to help me run the page in their spare time. It has grown very fast and we have built a great community.


How & why did you decide to create a supporting account for fellow makeup artists?
When I first began my makeup page I would try extremely hard to get noticed and get my name out there. A lot of the feature and shoutout pages for makeup artists were saturated with already well known artists and it seemed impossible to get a shoutout.


So instead of knocking on the same doors that weren’t opening… I got my own door and opened it haha. That’s when I created Undiscovered Muas, a shoutout page strictly for unknown artists and I wouldnt post anyone with more than 20K followers.


Where do you find your inspiration?
My personal inspiration comes from anyone who has never given up on their dreams or goals. It takes a lot for a person to stay on the same path, especially when the going gets tough. Whenever I need a little reminder to keep going I go listen to the success stories of fellow makeup artists and beauty or lifestyle gurus.


In your opinion what makes a good makeup artist?
I think everyone has the potential to be a “good” makeup artist. I don’t like passing judgement and always remind myself that everyone starts somewhere. No one becomes a pro overnight, the more you work at it the better you get.


There are so many different styles for makeup that what looks good to some may look ugly to someone else. I think what makes a good makeup artist is defined by the artist themself, not by everyone else and their opinion.


Who are your biggest influencers?
I LOVE DESI PERKINS! Haha her personality mixed with her skills, GOALS. Plus she is constantly positive and truly enjoying life, seeing that is motivating and inspiring. also all of the artists we post, they are driven and so talented. Going through their work is so inspiring and I get influenced every day just by seeing them. 


Which artists would you love to collaborate with?
Probably Desi or Nikki Tutorials. They are super talented and I think it would be awesome to collaborate with them! 


What are your top 3 tools in your makeup kit that you couldn’t live without?
1) Angled Eyebrow Brush is a MUST, I wouldnt have brows with it. 
2) Concealer Brush, it literally cleans and fixes all the mistakes you make.
3) Eyelash Curler, it makes a huge difference when you curl your lashes prior to mascara or falsies.


Do you have any advice for people who are just starting out in the industry?
Don’t worry about the follower count. Most people will stress really hard about it and consider giving up just because people don’t follow them. If you love what you are doing, then keep doing it and everything else will fall into place. Also, it is a very saturated industry so create and do things that will set you apart from the rest.


Make sure you have good equipment to showcase your work. Videos do much better than pictures do. Don’t worry about the hate you will receive, people love to hurt feelings. The best and easiest way to deal with them, is not letting them get to you. Delete and block. Don’t give up!! There is so much you can do as an artist, if you really love it…make it your career.


About @undiscovered_muas


What does it take to successfully manage a business through social media?
Dedication! It takes a lot of consistency and work to run a social media business. You have to constantly post and keep your followers intrigued. With so many other pages out there, do things that set you apart or make others WANT to follow you. 


What is your mission for creating @undiscovered_muas?
As artists ourselves we know the struggle of trying to get your name out there, so this shoutout page is strictly for unknown artists. We try to post anyone with less than 20K followers and every once in a while we post people with more, but our mission is surrounding the underdogs. 


How many employees do you have on your team (if any)?
There are currently 9 of us running the page, including myself. We all have different tastes in makeup, which is beneficial to our community.


What is the first thing you look for when deciding if you want to work with/collab with someone?
When we do collabs, it is usually with other feature pages or Cosmetic companies. We like to make sure they have a similar goal or are “underdogs” as well. 


Do you have any future plans for @undiscovered_muas?
We are currently trying to build up our UDM Shop, we are having new products coming out soon.


In the far future, it would be awesome to have beauty events around the country where our undiscovered artists can meet up, talk to each other, and have seminars to teach tricks/tips.


What has been the most difficult/challenging experience of running @undiscovered_muas?
Not being able to post every single person. We want to post everyone who wants a shoutout, but with over 1,000,000 hashtaged pictures and 203,000 people asking us for shoutouts it gets overwhelming. Sometimes people get frustrated at us for not posting them and they will comment something rude, it makes us sad. 😞


What has been one thing/experience you will never forget that has happened since starting @undiscovered_muas?
When one of the undiscovered artists we featured blew up, she now has around 100K followers and before we posted her she didnt get the exposure she deserved. After we posted her, we started seeing her featured everywhere. It just goes to show how being featured on our page could actually help somebody! 


If you were to start your business all over again, is there anything you would do differently?
I think I would spend more time focusing on featuring people. In the beginning when I was by myself, I wasn’t posting as much. I feel like it would have been more beneficial to post more consistently in the beginning.


If you had to pick a quote that would sum up @undiscovered_muas, what would it be?
“Discovering the undiscovered”

Thank you,

The UDM Team
I would like to thank Amanda Cadena & the whole team at UDM for taking part and answering these questions! If you would like a chance to be feature by UDM go their Instagram page @undiscovered_muas and check out their website here >>> www.undiscoveredmuas.weebly.com

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