EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Colour Matching Your Foundation!

It seems to be on everyones beauty wish list to clean perfectly clear skin. This truly lies in your diet and skincare more than anything else but foundation has allowed us the ability to be able to produce a natural look that resembles real skin yet covers imperfections just enough. A lot of women fear the key feeling of foundation however there any many formulas and application techniques that stop this from happening.

In order to achieve that highly professional look foundation, concealer and powder is needed. Here is a link to all you need to know about types of foundation if you haven’t seen it already >>> <<< for now let’s concentrate on colour matching you!



This may be the most important factor to consider when choosing foundation, even a £750.00 bottle of perfume can look like a £5.00 market buy if the colour is off. What I am about to say you need to take note of do not let the salesperson choose your foundation colour for you. By all means ask for their opinion but remember that they are not the ones who are wearing the product and they have only seen you in artificial light. color_iq_marketing_page_skintone_pop_up.jpgSales people are rarely training professional artists and are usually geared up to sell one particular brands and they are employed to push key products so bare that in mind. You may hear that the brand you like stocks a colour that is ‘the best match for you’ but let me assure you that is not good enough. What you need is an exact match and if they don’t have one but you are set on that brand, you can buy 2 and mix to create your perfect shade. Trust me you will thank me for it in the long run!

These are my top tips when shopping to colour match your foundation:

  1. Try to get testers if you can.
  2. ALWAYS check the colour in natural light.
  3. Test along the jawline AND the centre of the face. REMEMBER you are looking for the foundation to match your chest and shoulders NOT your neck.
  4. When shopping to colour match try to be brave and venture into the store fresh faced. This means no concealer or foundation! You will most likely pick the wrong colour if you already have product on your face.

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