Everything You Need To Know About Face Powder!

There are a few great reason to use powder in your makeup routine, one of those reasons being to set the rest of your makeup! It can also take away that sticky residue that may be created by foundation or concealer as well as refining the overall appearance of the skin (although it does add texture so use with a light hand).


Why use powder?

  • Set makeup
  • Reduce shine
  • Increase longevity of makeup base

If the above reasons aren’t enough to make you want to start using powder then I don’t think anything else will!


Main types of powder

  • Loose
  • Compact/compressed

If my opinion loose powder is best if it is still practical i.e have a loose powder at home and compact powder for travel.


Translucent Powder

The majority of loose powders are not in fact translucent and do carry at least a small amount of colour which can risk a change in the colour of foundation. If you decide to go with this option ensure that your powder matches your foundation, that being said loose powder is of a thin consistency so if too much is applied it cane dusted away with a big fluffy brush.


Pressed Powder

The distinct advantage of pressed powder is a lot less messy and its easier to transport so it’s great for quick touch ups although it isn’t as refined as translucent powder. Due to this reason you need to be careful if you are applying a lot of powder throughout the day that there isn’t too much build up on the skin.


Hints & Tips

There are various colour correction varieties are also available such as yellow toned for medium skin or orange toned for deeper skin. Orange is also great for photography work!

Try a colourless powder if you are pale skinned! (white powder) it’s great for subtle highlight too.




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