The Best Way To Apply Face Powder!

For me as a professional makeup artist I find using powder as a necessary step to achieve flawless skin. Over the years I have combined a few great techniques that really work and get amazing results! Follow my step by step application techniques below:


  • Use a makeup sponge or velour puff to apply powder with (I like to dampen sponges ever so slightly).
  • Press firmly onto the base in a rocking motion, never drag or swipe over the skin as this can remove the base layer.
  • Remove excess powder with a big fluffy brush by lightly dusting over the face, ensure the brush is clean.

Dior Backstage Brushes Professional Finish Powder Brush B.png

  • Check the hair line and eyebrows for discolouration.
  • Apply setting spray if you wish.
  • If you are trying to achieve a natural sheen, mist over the face with a very fine water spray around 12-16″ away from the face.

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