The Beauty Staple No-one Ever Talks About…

Today I’m going to talk about something that those in the makeup industry rarely do! That rarity is blusher. It’s a product a lot people use every day but many are still unsure how where to place it or how to use it correctly, in this post I’m going to tell you how to find the correct colour blush for you!

Why we use it

  • Enhance the cheekbones
  • Gain a healthy glow
  • Soften cheekbones
  • Change the appearance of the face

These categories break down in to 2 main functions which are to contour or to add colour.

Blusher colours


When choosing a blusher colour it is usually approached the same as choosing an eyeshadow colour. To do this you need to establish whether you have warm or cool toned skin, the easiest way to do this is to place a pink product and an orange product next to the face. This can be done using paper if this is all you have, if you suit orange tones this suggests that you have a warm colour palette and pink suggests that you have a cooler palette. If you suit both you can one of the lucky ones and you are neutral!

When selecting a blush colour look at the product in daylight or as close to day light as possible, when looking if you can detect mauve/purple tones in it then it will be best for cool skin tones and if you can detect peach tones in it then it will be best for warm skin tones.

In my next post I will sharing my best tips on how to apply blusher correcting for your face shape!




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