Best Blusher Tips!

Blusher is an underestimated product of everyones makeup kit, it doesn’t get enough credit despite the fact that the majority of women use it; even fit’s just for a special occasion. Listen below are my top tips for applying blusher:


  • For just cheek colour with no contour, apply directly on to the cheekbones. Then bend upwards and out.
  • Never apply blush close to the nose. For the ‘ideal’ shape draw an imaginary line from the base of the nose to the outer portion of the iris. Try not to cross this line.
  • Soften bright blusher with loose powder over top.
  • For a natural look match your blusher to your lipstick.
  • If you have a round face and want it to appear more oval, apply blush diagonally along the cheekbone. Blend towards the temples to slim the face.
  • If you have a long face and would like it to appear round, apply blush straight across the cheekbone. Avoid placing blush on the temples.
  • If you would like to soften the cheekbones apply a suitable shade for your skin tone along the harsh line of the cheekbone. Then using a larger brush blend all outer edges trying not to take it below the cheekbone.
  • Blend all blush out with a blush close to the skin tone after shading colours have been applied to set the blush.
  • For a natural look do not use blush over 6 shades darker than the natural skin tone.

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