How To Choose the Perfect Lip Shade For You!

Lipstick is an important part of the makeup wardrobe, it’s one of my favourite products to use so I may be biased (probably am). It can be difficult to know which shades are right for you and many people have no idea where to start looking but that is where I come in. Hopefully as you reach the end of this post you will have a better idea of the shades that you are looking for and feel more confident in shopping for them as well!


That being said it’s important to remember that makeup is there to experiment with, it’s supposed to be fun so which ever shade you choose, if it’s worn with confidence you will rock it!


Lipstick Colours

Let’s talk about colour tones… One of the things that I can never understand about makeup counters is that they do not categorise the products in regards to warm, neutral and cool tones. This would make it soooo much easier for buyers to navigate their way around and feel more confident with making purchases without having to ask someone else to assist them (although there is absolutely nothing wrong with that either).


Before purchasing I would recommend that you test the colour ON THE BACK OF YOUR HAND. Never, ever, ever test a lipstick colour on your mouth unless the assistant is doing it for you, I say this because you probably have no idea and probably do not want to know how many germs & bacteria is found within test makeup. The assistant will know what to do to make it hygienic for you to try, it normally involves alcohol and a disinfected brush or cotton bud.

Once you have the product on the back of your hand, try to look at it in natural lighting if it is available to you. Ask yourself whether you can see pink/mauve tones in the colour, if you can the shade is a cool tone. If you see more orange/yellow tones then it is a warm colour and if you are really struggling to distinguish the colour tone then it may be neutral.


Choosing Your Shade

When choosing the correct shade for you, firstly you must look at your own complexion, if you are unsure of how to determine what this is just take a look at this post to find out >>>   <<<.


Fair Complexion


If you are very fair then the following shades would work best for you:

  • Plum Red – cool undertone
  • Berry Red – cool undertone
  • Wine Red – cool undertone
  • Light-Medium Browns – pink undertone

Best to avoid

  • Ashy Lilac


Olive/Yellow Complexion


Olive/yellow undertones will look great with the following shades as listed below:

  • Deep Brown – warm undertone
  • Rich Reds – warm undertone
  • Dark Berry – any undertone

Stay away from

  • Reds with orange undertone
  • Pinks with red undertone



Medium Complexion


The best shades for your skin tone can be found in the list below:

  • Rich pink – any undertone
  • Deep red – any undertone
  • Caramel – any undertone
  • Medium brown – cool or warm undertone
  • Coffee brown – any undertone

Stay away from

  • Pale brown



Dark Complexion


Dark tones tend to look great with cool undertones for day to day wear and to spice things up add a pop of colour with a warm undertone such as:

  • Red – blue/cool undertone
  • Mahogny – any undertone
  • Deep plum – any undertone
  • Wine red – warm undertone
  • Medium – deep brown – any undertone

Best to avoid

  • Orange with a cool undertone
  • Very pale brown


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