The Best Types of Eyeshadow Products!

As I’ve previously mentioned on this blog, the makeup industry can be a labyrinth for quite a few people. Hopefully with the series of posts with the Makeup 101 tag, I have been helping you to master this labyrinth!

Today I really want to focus on eyeshadow products. I’m going to go through the different types of products, how is best to use them and what to avoid.











  • Can come in loose or compact form.
  • Loose powders are very easy to apply when mixed with a cream base or setting liquid.
  • Many powder products have a high pigment pay off (test this by swatching on your hand).


Cream Eyeshadow


  • Cream products can come in compact, liquid or stick form.
  • Very good for dry skin types/scaley lids.
  • Avoid if you are naturally oily.
  • Highly blend able.
  • Remember to apply after you have primed with foundation or primer.
  • Cream shadow is best to set with a loose pigment over the top, this can be a translucent power or a pigment that matches the shadow. This is mainly used for longevity.


Matte Eyeshadow


  • Darker shades absorb light, great for contouring the eye.
  • Used mainly to create depth.
  • Great for photographic use.
  • Great for mature skin.


Glossy Eyeshadow

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 13.01.33.png

  • Not ideal for oily skin.
  • May require regular touch ups.
  • Not ideal for television purposes.
  • Can irritate sensitive eyes as it can feel quite heavy.


Frosted/Metallic Products


  • Available in compact, liquid & stick form.
  • These can give off a low key shine to a high metallic finish.
  • Can be used as a highlighter.
  • VEGANS – always check the ingredients list as these types of products may contain fish scales.


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