The Best Way To Clean Makeup Brushes!

I know that this is a topic a lot of people don’t like, I despise cleaning my brushes but I still have to do it regularly and so should you. Clean makeup brushes help to keep all of that unwanted bacteria away from your pores and keeps the dreaded acne/breakouts at bay! What more of a reason is there to ensure that your brushes are kept hygenic?


I like to keep on top of the day to day cleaning of my brushes, especially if I’ve been using a lot of bright or dark colours. If your anything like me you will forget by the time the next morning comes around and before you know it you have a bright streak of green running through the beautiful smokey eye you just created – nothing worse.


A Quick Clean

To ensure that I maintain the cleanliness of my brushes I tend to spritz over mine regularly using No7 Brush Cleaner, which you can pick up from boots for £8.00.


This one is great because it can be used on natural or synthetic hairs! I use mine by popping a small amount of the cleanser on a paper towel and then swirling my brush over the towel until the product has been removed. It’s also very quick drying which is a bonus as the brushes can be popped back into the to or holder straight away.


The Deep Cleanse

Ok, so once a month I deep cleanse my personal brushes, sometimes more often for my professional kit depending on how busy I am. I have 2 favourites when cleaning brushes, if I run out of my number 1 then I always turn to Johnson’s Baby Shampoo as it’s soft enough to not cause harm to the brushes yet I know that my brushes are being cleaned thoroughly.

If I do have my number 1 to hand then I actually enjoy cleaning my brushing as I swirl them around into a foamy lather. To deep clean my go to is StylPro Brush Cleaner for £12.00, it is packed with deep cleansing power as well as Wheatgerm, Grapeseed and Argan oils to condition the brushes and helps to keep them healthy for as long as possible. To see how I clean my brushes step by step just keep reading…


  • Grab your dirty brushes, cleansing towel (I recommend having an allocated one as some products can stain) & cleanser and lay them out around your sink.
  • Fill your sink up with warm water and add a little cleanser to the water.
  • When holding your brushes by the handles swirl the brushes in the water. This is a superficial cleanse.
  • Squeeze them out and lay them next to the sink whilst you drain the dirty water out of the sink.
  • Begin to run warm water and prepare your cleansing mat (you can use your hand if you want to).
  • Pop a small amount of cleanser on to your mat or hand and swirl your brush around into a lather for 2-5 minutes (depending on the type of brush).
  • Then rinse with warm water for around the same amount of time.
  • Drain and place on the towel to dry.



  • Wash each brush individually on second cleanse so not to cross contaminate.
  • Don’t put the handle of the brush in water when washing as this will loosen the seal and create shedding or cause the brush to break.




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