How To Create Beautiful Eyeshadow Designs With JUST Two Colours!

This is the second part of a 4 part eye design post, if you are new to makeup and don’t really know where to start you can view part 1 first if you like. The 2 colour eye design is the most popular eyeshadow design for non makeup industry people to use as it’s simple and easy to use yet it gives a big impact.


If you would like to see how to master the 2 colour eyeshadow look then just keep reading below to view my step by step guide to making it work for you.

Two Colour Eye Design

Firstly when using this eye design you will need a neutral skin tone colour and a deep shade to add dimension, if you are not too concerned with a natural look then you can use which ever colour you like. This look will work best if you have a round eyeshadow brush to work with.

  • Taking the lighter shade on an eyeshadow brush, you can dust this from the lash line up to the brow bone. Ensuring that no patches of skin can be seen peeking through the eyeshadow.
  • Next taking the deeper shade create a < or C shape to the outer corner off the within the crease line. A < will create a sharper more glamorous look, where as the C shape will create a softer more natural look.
  • Once you have created this shape remember to blend until any harsh lines have disappeared.
  • Remember to use a little shadow at a time when creating depth so that you don’t accidentally apply to much and having to start over.
  • If you are finding that the eye shadow is difficult to blend, you can add some of the lighter shades to the edges and continue to blend.
  • You can use the lighter shade as an inner eye highlight as well.
  • Use a small amount of the dark shade to blend underneath the lower lash line.




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