The Best Way of Creating a Smokey/Halo Eye With JUST 3 Shades!

This post is part 3 of a mini series of eyeshadow design tutorials. If you are new here and are not too sure how to start, then not to worry just refer to the previous 2 posts which you can find here >>> <<<.

Three Colour Eye Design

The key to this design is to start with 2 of the previous designs I have online in the above posts. Once you have that mastered then a third shade, an even deeper shade than the previous 2 in order to create even more dramatic, highly polished looks.

If you like to keep things looking natural then this design can still work for you by keeping the brow colour softer than before regardless of where you take the deeper shades it will always end up looking ore natural than those who like to add a pop of colour or highlight to their brow bone.

That being said if you love colour, now is your chance to go wild, the looks than you can create using 3 shades is endless so I will just be focusing on 2 different eye designs today. A smokey eye and a halo eye design.


Application Smokey Eye

For the ultimate smokey eye there are only a couple of tricks that need to be used in order to create it, especially when leading on from previous eye designs:

  • Taking a small round eyeshadow brush, you can apply the deepest colour just ABOVE the outer edge of the crease line. Blend upward and out the create a feathery, smokey look.
  • Be sure not to use a downward motion as this will result in the effect of the eyeshadow pulling the eye down.
  • If you have an angled brush now is the time to use it. Once you have blended your smokey eye to perfection, you can add a small amount of the lightest shade on the brown bone just to clean the shadow up and add a smidgen of finesse.
  • Remember that with a smokey eye your lower lash line needs to match your upper so take your deepest shade and blend along the lower lash line.

Tip: when applying colour in the crease line the straighter you hold your brush the sharper your eyeshadow will apply. Hold it at an angle to create smokey edges.





Application Halo Eye

This application is a little more tricky to get right, however if you like grungy makeup looks then this can work really well when it isn’t perfect.

  • Taking the deepest shade on a small round eye shadow brush, it should be applied to both the inner and outer corners or the eye close to the lash line. From this point it can be blended using small circular motions.
  • When blending this shade you can place this colour within the crease line to create a bridge between the inner and outer corners of the eye.
  • The middle corner can also be blended into the crease line to allow to colours to blend seamlessly.
  • After you are happy with the shape you can add the lightest shade to the brow bone, centre of the lower lid & inner eye.
  • As this can be quite difficult to explain please see the step by step guide in pictures below.



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