Quick Tips To Take Your Smokey Eye To The Next Level!

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Four Colour Eye Design

A four colour eye design or even one that involves more shades can take a little bit of time to get used to when applying, but when you have it mastered you can create a full range of makeup looks to a high and beautiful standard. With just four shades you can create any shadow shape and look that you desire! For this design you will need to start with a one, two or three eye design to be able to add the darkest shade to the back corner of the eye aka the outer v.

When shading dark colours it can sometimes look a little bit like witch craft and wizardry when you first start out because there is a certain art that goes into blending to the point where your smokey eye looks dramatic yet soft and perfectly blended. I’m hoping going to let you in on a few little secrets to help make this happen for you!

The 4 colour eye design was created to add shade, definition and create movement that flows with the natural shape of the eye or change the shape of the eye… more about that in the next mini series of posts that I will be doing shortly…

Ok so let’s talk about the application!




  • Take your darkest shade on a small rounded fluffy brush, knock off any excess product and start to apply the colour to the back corner of the upper lid only.
  • Take a blending brush and blend those harsh lines using small cirular motions or sweeping motions with the crease line.
  • Build the colour up as you go, it’s easy to add more but it’s near impossible taking off a dark colour without having to start all over again.
  • Remember to blend up and out when in doubt rather than in and down which can cause a dropping effect around the eyes.
  • Lastly apply a small amount of shadow to the outer third of the lower lash line and blend.


Keep in mind than when trying to create a more natural or glamorous look it is important to keep the darkest shade within the crease line, your choice of brush will impact your ability to blend massively. I recommend using these ones:

zoe053_zoeva_luxesoftcreasebrush_1_1560x1960-jw25o.jpg              Zoeva Cut Crease brush – £8.99

8945602396190.jpgEco Tools Eye Set – £7.99


Remember to use the one, two or three eye design techniques to help you to blend the darkest colour out. It doesn’t have to be the last colour you apply!



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