Ultimate Skincare For a Festival!

Partying in the sun all day long can do some damage too the skin so it’s your job to keep it protected in the best way possible! It’s always best to hydrate fro the side out so make sure you keep topped up not hat all important water, but there are steps you can take to make sure your skin stays perfect throughout the festival months.


It’s vital that you cleanse off your makeup after a day in the sun, this is what will stop those nasty little blemishes appearing under your skin the next morning. If you are camping you probably won’t have the luxuries that you are used to but using a little Micellar Water with some cotton pads all suffice. Just remember to thoroughly cleanse your skin once you are on your home turf.

I love this one from Garnier, you pick a small size up for just £2.00 and it really will from all the makeup and grime off our skin with ease.



For the day time it’s a great added benefit to use a moisturiser that contains SPF like this one from Clarins; the UV Plus Multi Protection is great for festival and travel. It’s light weight, oil free and has an SPF 50, a massive plus with this is that it also protects from environmental stresses. It comes in at £28.00 for 30ml.



For your night time routine it’s important to pick a hydrating moisturiser even if you are oily. Little known fact is that your skin can be oily but still be dehydrated, this cream will allow your skin to restore itself as you sleep and you can wipe off any residue in the morning.

This Super Hydrate Night Cream from Pure is a steal at £13.00. It has a light weight formula with 12 hour hydration, it melts easily into the skin and you will wake up to find rejuvenated skin and a glowing complexion.



Elizabeth Arden’ Pro Triple Protection Lip Balm will get your lips through the dry heat the hopefully come along with festivals! It has an SPF of 30 as well as triple action from antioxidants to help keep lips hydrated and looking plump. For £18.00 this product will last you all through the Summer.


Optional Extra

Thermal Spring Water from LaRoche-Posay is perfect for war weather and days in the heat. It’s used for softening the skinned adding hydration but the best past? It won’t disrupt your makeup in the process! Just mist this over your face if you feel your skin becoming tired or tight for instant revival, for just £3.50 I don’t know how you can afford not to try this.


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