7 Eyeshadow Mistakes To Avoid!

I’ve said it before and I will say it again… makeup is a minefield when first starting out! Hopefully the tips I provide you with today will help you to get a good grip on makeup and application techniques.



  • If you are a beginner – don’t over colour the eyes this may be too distracting if you haven’t got your blending techniques down just yet. Once you’ve mastered them of course, go as crazy as you like!
  • Avoid harsh edges unless those harsh edges are intended!
  • There is a shade of every single colour┬áthat will suit you! It’s just about finding the right shade & undertone. Be careful with pink as many shades can make your eyes look sore, pick carefully!
  • If you are of a more mature age and are worried about fine lines/wrinkles, avoid shiny or cream based products as these tend to settle into the areas we would rather them not!
  • Do blend your makeup tones – always make sure that your makeup products you have chosen for the day work in synergy with each other. If they don’t this can result in a harsh look and as if the makeup wasn’t intentional!


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