9 Tips For Making Small Eyes Look Bigger!

I hear so many clients, friends and family members asking me about their small eyes and asking me any helpful hints and tips that will open them up, making them look bigger. If this is also you, the good news is it’s actually very simple to achieve a doe eyed look, just by following these steps:

  • Get rid of those heavy brows – in order for the eye to look more open you must create space around the eye. To do this ensure you have the correct brow shape for you, find out which one yours is here >>
  • It may be a good idea to lighten your brows slightly if they are very dark, not too much as you may still prefer them to blend in wit your hair.


  • Always, always curl your eyelashes.
  • Eyeshadows that are pale in colour should be placed all over the eyelid, to make the darkest shades very easy to blend.
  • Try using medium tones colours for your natural skin tone as this will really help to open up the eye. You can build this up in the outer v or crease line and blend up and out towards to temple.
  • Use eyeliner to your advantage by applying a dark liner or shadow along your upper lash line and extended outwards along the outer corner of the eye. Pair this with extending the lower lash line in a lighter shade, also in an upwards and outwards motion.


  • Highlight the brow bone and the inner eye in the same light shade.
  • Use a champagne shade eyeliner in the lower water line of your eye to add definition and the illusion of space.
  • Apply mascara, concentrating the second coat to the upper and outer section of lashes to create a cat eye look.

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