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Session 1

The first personal training session commenced early this morning, well early enough at 8am; it’s a good job everyone at D4 Fitness is so friendly and welcoming because I don’t usually talk first thing in the morning. I wandered into the studio still half asleep even though I’d been up for over 1.5 hours and a little less than enthusiastic to start training but that soon turned around…


After warming up for 5 minutes on the rower Paul had me engaged in conversation to the point where I actually forgot what I was doing. Like I’ve said previously I love working out and I get enjoyment from that but I’ve never been working out at 8am before, it was never a social thing. More of a get in, get it done & get out kind of a thing!

No matter how fit I thought I was, Paul made me realised I wasn’t or at least not as fit and healthy as what I thought I was. Within 5 minutes of doing a small circuit round I was taking a short break to stretch my legs out so I could continue my set.

18835845_1758550097703291_6319164172741583719_n.jpgDuring the workout Paul kept checking in with me, asking if I was ok, if everything felt ok or if I wanted to change something etc, I didn’t as I wanted to experience personal training like I haven’t before (this may be somewhere I think I went wrong last time, remember last week when I was talking about being disappointed with PT’s)?. Well not this one! It was reassuring to know that he was OK with stopping anytime if I felt like I needed to.

There were times throughout the hour where I felt as though I was stuck and I do mean physically stuck. When using cables and TRX for my arms I literally felt as if my arm was locked and I couldn’t get past that point but then Paul came along and helped me out a little and it was fine – you just have to laugh it off! All in all the experience was great and although I’m not looking forward to DOMS, I am looking forward to the next session.



The Aftermath

So walking out of the studio was fine but by the time I’d made my way to the car my legs were done, SO done! I knew that I was going to be hurting for the next 2-3 days and I was not looking forward to it…

Waking up the next day was a relief in a way as I didn’t feel anything until I moved! I was expecting to be aching all over but to be honest my arms, back and stomach were fine – but those legs. Good lord! In the next few days it hurt to drive and walk and I never realised how often I take the stairs because getting up them in the 2 days following last weeks session was a task and a half.

Then the aching went away and it left me feeling ready and geared up to tackle the next session. My first session was great at D4 Fitness Warrington with Paul, he built up rapport quickly and with ease, I’m eager to see the progress that I can make whilst training there.

Wish me luck for next week!


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