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As the sun shines down on us we tend to take a care free attitude to life, that includes protecting ourselves from harmful sun rays. It’s easy to think that just because it doesn’t feel like your skin is burning, you aren’t causing any damage to your skin but in reality you might be. By following these 5 simple and easy tips you will be able to keep yourself safe in the sun, keep your skin looking and feeling fresh and avoid any pesky summer illness!



Use sunscreen and use it well – I know this sounds like a no brainer but there’s been countless times at the beach when I’ve seen parents slather their children in sunscreen only to use about 20% of the reccommended guideline for themselves.

The rule to follow here is actually quite simple, when in doubt use roughly 1 once of sunscreen for each exposed body part, a little extra if you have tattoos. This is around a shot glass worth or product and half of that for your face. If your worried about having that ‘white effect’ just ensure to apply around 15 minutes before going outside to allow the product to melt into the skin, remember to apply every 2 hours as well.



Grab those sunglasses! – sunglasses are probably my favourite accessory which is great when it comes to summer. Protect your eyes from those harmful UV rays, many people don’t know that aside from providing added protection from migraines and disorientation etc they actually protect you from developing Cataracts too! Look for a pair with UV & UVA protection.



Drink water – again this sounds as though I’m trying to tell you how to suck eggs but I promise you I’m not. I drink SO much water per day, at least 2 litres sometimes more and then juices/hot drinks on top if I have any that day. Water provides such good protection against sunstroke, headaches & helps you out even if you do get sunburn as dehydration increases the risk of this happening!


Stay in the shade – I’m not suggesting you do this all day but definitely between 12.30-3pm. I’m not telling you to go inside if you don’t want to just ensure that you have an umbrella or can find a shady part of the area for a few hours to allow your body to recharge and avoid the dreaded sunstroke.



Take care of yourself – check in with how you are feeling, do you feel too hot? Tired all of a sudden? Pay attention to your body because it will tell you what it needs! Wear appropriate clothing such as loose flowing fabric or at least something to cover your shoulders with.

Something that most people neglect to take into account is that medication can also play a massive factor in keeping yourself safe in the sun, medications such as anti-depressants, beta blockers or sleeping pills etc can make it difficult for your body to regulate tempurature or realise when it’s over heating. Just listen to what your body tells you and stay safe!


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