My Journey to Fitness with D4 Fitness: Week 2 Workout Diary

Welcome to the second week of my fitness journey! I arrived at D4 Fitness right on time for my personal training appointment, I was looking forward to it even if a little apprehensive about experiencing DOMS again afterward…

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Week 2

We started the session by warming up on the rower for 5 minutes before heading down to one of the private workout areas, where I was introduced to what I can only describe as the real world of squatting. Surprisingly it’s not as scary as it looks, the squat rack that is and I even felt a small sense of achievement after learning that in just 2 short weeks I was lifting heavier than I ever had done before.

Next up were deadlifts, something I’m used to but again was able to lift heavier. At this point I’m unsure whether this is because I’m stronger already (is that even possible?!) or if it’s because Paul was there counting me along and offering encouragement.


After training legs it was on to the cable machine which to be honest until I started training at D4 I’d only ever looked at wth curiosity before. It was always a piece of equipment that I’d never seen anyone using before that wasn’t already very muscular because of this I naively assumed that I wouldn’t be able to figure it out and all of it’s contraptions, let alone use it correctly but I actually enjoy using it now I have someone who shows me what to do beforehand.

With a mixture of arm, back and chest exercises working of 3×15 reps which is usually to my max, my arms were soon feeling like jelly and as if they wasn’t attached to me; until we were starting to draw the session to a close with some free weights. Let me tell you, if you haven’t trained before then by the time you reach the end of a good session a 5kg dumbbell will feel the same as the 30kg weight you was lifting at the start of the session. Funny how it works really, isn’t it?



The Diet

Diet isn’t necessarily something I’m going to update on each and every week, maybe just when I notice changes in myself.


The week following my first session I was HUNGRY, I actually think that my body was craving protein and as a vegetarian that’s understandable so I upped my intake. Not massively so but enough so that I was able to sustain for longer period of time and allow my body to repair quicker than it was doing, which also might be why I wasent quite as achey!


The Aftermath

The next day I was expecting to wake up once more with DOMS all over but I was pleasantly surprised! I woke up and the only niggle I had was in my calfs, hamstrings and glutes. The pain in my glutes worsened at around day 2-3 post workout to the point where I was actually consider getting Acupuncture but instead I took some time out with Yoga and felt fine the next day.

Just because I felt ok this time around doesn’t mean I’m not expecting to feel achy all over again next time, at least if I expect it there’s no surprises, right? All in all I’m really enjoying my experience at D4 with Paul, I feel as though it’s going well so far and I just keep on looking forward to the following week.


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