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Summer – the season that seems to be most awaited here in the UK, I feel like the majority of Brits live for summer and are disappointed every year when it doesn’t come around (properly). If we are lucky we can say with confidence that we have 2 weeks of pure sunshine and warmth every year and because it’s such a glorious occasion we must dress the part…


I own a ridiculous amount of bikinis and swimsuits even though I hardly ever use them, however when I pack for a holiday the majority of my luggage contains various different types of swimwear. So regardless of whether you are staying in the UK, live in a warmer climate or are shopping just for your holiday, these are my top picks for swimwear this year…

As some of you may know there are 2 different sides to my fashion personality, one very lady like and ‘classy’ and the other is probably what would most likely be describes as an ‘Instagram baddie’ but I think I’m too old to coin that term now!

Tip: As usual clicking the image/links you will be directed to online shops. I am not in affiliation with any of these companies and there fore will not make any profit, they are linked for your convenience only. 



  • I adore this tropical inspired one shouldered swimsuit from New Look, it’s elegant yet screams summer vacay! The frill is a lovely touch to add for detail but it isn’t so big that it gets in the way and the pop of different colours works beautifully together. It’s definitely a favourite of mine, it comes in at £25.00 and is available is sizes 6-14.



  • This one piece from Missguided is amazing, I love the cut of the piece and it kind of gives me 70’s vibes when I vision how I would style it. I like the amount of coverage it gives whilst still having sex appeal which the low back design effortlessly adds to. At just £18.00 it’s a steal, sizes range from 4-16.




When I first saw this bikini online I instantly became obsessed and had to track it down! I eventually found it on Romwe for just £11.99, I was literally so happy when I found this – one thing to point out is I purchased a size S but I wish I’d of sized up, as you can see from the picture the garment is very tiny so I think I would of felt more comfortable in a size M.The bikini is very well lined for the price and even includes modesty panelling in                                the top to give a little lift! This bikini comes is sizes S, M, L & XL – my estimation of these      sizes is roughly 6-12.



  • This bikini from Pretty Little Thing gave me LIFE, I love it. Personally it’s not an item that I would ever go swimming in but for poolside, beach or lounging around in it’s great.; the reason for this is that the top is mesh so in other words it’s completely see through (apart from the baby cactus overing your nipples). In all I think it’s adorable, minus the choker and that sarong! I think that’s the best                                       part about it. All together in comes in at £40.00 as you purchase the bikini and sarong separately, comes in sizes 4-16. Bikini & Sarong.



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