7 Makeup Tips For Deep Set Eyes!

Deep set eyes can be tricky to work with as they tend to be quite big in size, so the trick is really about brightening up the eye area to bring it forward but not so much that it enlarges the eye. Find out how to do this below:


  • Shape a heavy brow in order to open up the eye area.
  • If you have very dark brows it may be a good idea to lighten them slightly to bring the eyes forward.
  • Apply a light reflective shade to the lower lid.
  • Apply your medium tone shade just above the socket line and blend using a big fluffy brush.
  • Apply the darkest shade along the outer third of the upper and lower lashline and blend using a small pencil brush.
  • Highlight the brow bone.
  • Apply mascara, concentrate the second coat on the outer portion of the upper lashes to create volume.


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