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Today I went back to personal training after a near 2 week break and I never felt better, I don’t think I took into consideration how much I would actually miss the whole experience when I wasn’t there. Obviously I was quite apprehensive about starting personal training at first but the guys at D4 Fitness did more than put me at ease, they helped me develop into a routine that was good for me.


A little over a month in and I’m already seeing great progress, although my weight hasn’t changed at all on the scales I feel it. I can feel that I’ve gained muscle and better than that, I can actually see it! Which is amazing really isn’t it? I usually feel like it takes me a very long time to see results if any at all, seems like this is paying off.


The Session

So my first session back after a mini break seemed as though it was easing me back in, it consisted of some light cardio, light weights and HIIT. The session was super enjoyable and it seemed to flow well, one huge change that I noticed was that I wasn’t waiting for Paul to gear me up for each set or waiting to recover for long periods of time in between; I was pushing myself.

The Aftermath

The day after I found that I was slightly aching in places that my mind didn’t even register that I used the day before. This was fine though, nothing will ever come close to the aching I experienced the 2 days following my first session!

After reflecting on my sessions and progress, I’ve come to the conclusion that I really need to amp up my training in between sessions as I was holding back a little as I couldn’t afford to experience such intense aching with my job. However, I feel more ‘used to it’ now and I feel like I can up the anti at the gym in-between… Hopefully I don’t kill myself off!

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