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Illamasqua is one of my favourite makeup brands to use, both personally and professionally. I love how unique their stand point on creativity and design is, how they interact with their consumers and the customer service. The 2 later points may not seem like much if you regularly shop online but if you prefer to go old fashioned and shop in store for your products then it really matters.



Illamasqua in Liverpool, Met Quarter is my go to when I’m shopping for something new. The staff are very welcoming and informative in way that’s not intrusive, who knew that anybody could strike such a perfect balance?! I need a complete Illamasqua haul this month, below are all the products I need to renew ASAP and I’ll also tell you why I love them so much! This is a 2 part blog post, first up is base makeup and the second is eyes & lips!

Nothing Basic About The Base…

Skin Base Foundation


This foundation is amazing, it comes in 26 different shades with different undertones. I go through this stuff so quickly, I love using 01 and 02 for my complexion/highlight but in terms of work it has absolute staying power especially when set and it photographs so beautifully. It comes in at £33.00, if that’s a little steep for you try a small tester first before making your mind up; it’s worth the investment.

This formula is super lightweight and it’s enriched with Vitamin E and C, it goes above and beyond for a skin base! Tip: if you have dry skin and are worried about flaking just ensure to slather the moisturiser on 10 minutes before. Get yours here > Skin Base. 


Cream Foundation



You have no idea how sad it makes me that this product is completely sold out! It was a perfect texture to highlight and enhance the cheekbones, plus it contains powder so there was never any need to set it in place. It has STAYING POWER!





Ugh! What can I say about this product… Well I can say that it is truly beautiful which makes me question why it’s only available in 2 shades. There’s so many different ways to use it, I love it as cheek & brow bone highlight as well as an all over base for under foundation for a glowing complexion. Again, this product is wonderfully lightweight and contains Vitamin E and Mica Mineral! Get one of the beautiful shades here > Gleam!


Cream Pigment 

Hello easiest way to colour correct in the world! Although you can use these pigments all over the face my fave thing to do with them is colour correct, it’s so simple and easy to use and highly blend-able. I like to dab a little on the skin and buff out with a soft brush and watch the product melt into the skin exactly how it should. Tip: Androgen, Dab & Depravity are the best ones for colour correction. Shop for them here > Pigment.




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