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Being back to Personal Training at D4 Fitness has been great this week, it’s kept me focused through all of the external stress that I’ve had going on! Who knew that it could be so therapeutic?!

I endured the pain of leg day already this week and felt the effects for the 2 days that followed as well! An hour’s worth of just leg exercises sounds killer doesn’t it? Well imagine that but imagine doing this when you’ve slacked for nearly 2 weeks, to be completely honest I felt really weak and it was not at all satisfying.

Paul kept me uplifted throughout and kept me focused whilst still pushing me to lift my maximum and get through the entire workout; I’m glad that he did. Regardless of how I feel before I get to the D4 Fitness Studio, I always feel better when I leave and not because I’m happy to get away but because I feel revitalised and stronger, as if I’m working towards something that’s achievable.

With a mixture of squats, lunges and deadlifts done I felt like I was back into the swing of things already, despite moving house and taking on a new work contract this week I felt ready to tackle my gym programme head on as well. Recovery will be interesting this week though, if it happens at all! All the renovating and moving boxes may just turn into one big body ache but we shall see…


One of the great things that came out of this week is that I’ve convinced my partner to start D4 Fitness Bootcamps with me which will be great for high intensity, weekly workouts. It’s something that you can do of any fitness level and you can bring someone with you for fun, company or support! You can pay as you go or buy a monthly membership, both of which are great options plus the membership comes with 1-2-1 support and nutritional advice… What more could you ask for?!

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