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Following on from the first Illamasqua post here >  < I’m back to tell you some more oaf my Illamasqua Top Picks. Illamasqua continues to break through in the industry with amazing products, I’ve invested in the brand ever since I purchased couple of products from them way back in 2008.


I still plan on expanding my collection of Illamasqua products and probably will do when I pop to Liverpool to make some more purchases this month. I’m unsure yet of whether to do a wish list post before I buy the items or to do a haul video for my channel, I’ll let you know when I decide/see more of what people want 🙂




Illamasquas lipstick formula is perfect for long lasting wear, it’s thick yet it isnt heavy in the slightest. The lipsticks are highly pigments ad come in a different range of finishes with 29 shades to boast about for just £20.00! The sticks displayed below are ESP, Disciple & Eurydice. Bi pride flag, anyone?! Pick a shade here > Lipstick.



Lip Slick Stick

This is the most effortless product to use and it’s perfect if your stuck on time, it’s very very and just glides on. Once it’s set in position it doesn’t move but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a little time to correct any mistakes if you need to! Dream and True are my favourite shades, don’t worry about the price tag – I know it seems quite steep for some at £18.50 per stick but I promise it will last you a very long time! Pick one up here > Liner.



Liquid Metal Palette


I genuinely can not cope with how much I love this palette, before this I wasn’t a huge fan of cream shadows and to be honest I’m still not but this one is incredible. It’s wonderful for using on eyes, face, lip and the rest of the body too; don’t even get me talking about that bronzed shoulder glow! At £35.00 for this palette I think it’s truly worth it for the pigment pay off, plus it lasts a long time too as you only need the smallest amount for a big impact. Get your glow on here > LMP.


Elegant Lashes

I like wearing lashes but I hate lashes that make me feel like I;m wearing them, you know what I mean? The heavy feeling that presses down on your little eyelids that makes you feel sleepy! Luckily these elegant lashes are nothing like that and at just £12.50 for this pair I definitely won’t be whinging about it. Great a pair here > Lashes.

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