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It’s coming up to 8 weeks worth of personal training at D4 Fitness and I’m actually looking forward to finding out exactly how far I’ve come at my review next week, where I’ll be weighed and measured for the first time since starting training.

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I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my sessions here so far, I just wish I could put more time into the gym in between each session but the craziness of life has been in the way this month, not to mention moving house and a chest infection to go with it. Sounds like I’m complaining? Hmm, I have always disagreed with people’s standpoint on the gym and how you ‘should always make time for it’ – I only agree with that to a certain extent because if you work ridiculous hours, have a family to take care of or are suffering from an illness etc then how much does it really pay to work yourself mentally and physically into the ground? I don’t believe that it does pay so I have taken some much needed time off the gym in between PT sessions.

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The guys are D4 Fitness are amazing with things like this too, don’t get me wrong they PUSH you and that’s such a good thing but they also take your health into account. They have recently expanded and are now branching out further across the North West of England, not to mention the new bootcamp (that I still haven’t had the time to attend) and specialising in pre/post natal workouts as well but you can find out more about what they offer in the links at the bottom of this page! Pssst it’s well worth a look…


So far what I’ve gathered from my sessions is that Paul tends to work on rotation such as heavy weight day, circuit day and light wight day etc which works really well for me and it gives me something to stick to once our sessions come to an end (sob!). As I haven’t been getting to the gym that much D4 Fitness have sent me several different workout plans that I can do at home which has really helped to keep me motivated in-between sessions as well as nutrition advice.

Roll on next week, never been so excited to step on the scales!


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