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Unfortunately we all know that the actual allocated time for ‘British Summer’ is coming to an end and there’s only a few good things that come from that – one being end of summer sales! So here’s my top 6 tips for sales shopping right and with ease this month…

Tip Number 1 – Create A List

This is for the simple reason that you won’t end up purchasing spur of the moment items, unless you genuinely love them. Walking into a sale without an idea of what your looking for is bound to leave you over spending, so are you really getting a bargain after all?

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Take note of whats missing from your closet, what pieces have you been craving for a while now? Focus on them and don’t get distraction by the heavily discounted items that you don’t really want/need.


Tip Number 2 – Go Alone

It’s best to leave all distractions at home when your sale shopping if you are able to. Friends slow you down and give you too many opinions, it’s what you like not what they like so get a sitter and leave the friends and family behind – just for a couple of hours, you can aways regroup afterwards and share what you purchased.

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Tip Number 3 – Don’t Discard Damaged Items

I know that this one might sound ┬ábit weird but honestly if you have an item whether it’s a jacket or a nightstand, don’t disregard it just because it’s damaged because it can always be fixed. You can DIY a small scuff or a broken drawer and why would you put the Gucci jacket back on the rack when it’s discounted for half of it’s price and it may only cost you 15 to correct it?! Sometimes these can be some special finds that will become treasured pieces for years to come.


Tip Number 4 – Rummage In The Changing Rooms

Not a lot of Brits like to do this for the fear of looking rude (no idea why) but rummaging around the changing room racks is a sure fire way to find some good clothing pieces. During the sales the shop assistants are lucky if they get 5 minutes to put all of the tried items of clothing back on the shop floor and the best items will have been picked up and tried on before you even get there. The items just may not of been the right fit/colour/style for someone else but they may be perfect for you.


Tip Number 5 – Fed & Watered

Ensure you take snacks and water – do I sound old yet? You know what I’m talking about each time the sales are on you can guarantee strolling past someone who’s collapsed on the floor in the middle of the city because they were too bust and forgot to eat/drink. If you carry something around with you then you avoid this from happening, eating a snack at the onset of dizziness/weakness can boost your energy back up until you feel ready to sit down and eat properly. May sound silly now but it will buy you more time!

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Tip Number 6 – Go Late

Unless there’s something you are 100% sure is going to sell out then don’t get to next at 5am or stand in a line at Kurt Geiger. I know this may sound contradictory but you get the best deals later in the day, especially on a Sunday; it just depends where you go and what you want.

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Typically big brands and chain stores will offer to get the order purchased or delivered if they are sold out. The only time I ever get there early is for one off stores and boutiques who can’t provided more stock than what they have. It will be a messy minefield to go later in the day but 3pm is my favourite time to go, everyone is getting tired and heading home by then so the atmosphere is a lot quieter.

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