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This is the second part to date ideas, if you would like to see some cheap date ideas head over here >  <. Now I said in my previous posts that when my partner and I go on dates we tend to go super cheap or not-so-cheap, here’s a list of our expensive date ideas!

P.S I don’t condone blowing all of your money on pay day, it’s the worst thing to do. Spend money wisely folks!


Rent A Yacht

This date idea is best April-Sept when we can expect the weather to be ‘good’, whatever that means! You can opt for the slightly cheaper option of jumping aboard others or you can pay to rent it out for the day, have a 4 course meal on board and milkshakes for dessert! You can sunbathe and lounge around all day in each others company or you can even learn how to sail yourself, it’s so much fun but maybe not if you get sea sick! Expect to pay a minimum of 1,500 upwards for private rental (small yacht) but you can also pick up cheaper options like afternoon tea with up to a maximum of 8 people for 35 each.

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Hit The Slopes 

Want to try skiing or snowboarding? Why not take your date on a fun lesson that you can take part in together, many ski slopes now offer lessons from around 99 and can sometimes have deals on for 2 people. When your more confident in your abilities you can rent out a slope from around 700 for 6 hours, think of the bonding experience!

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Romantic Dinner

Not just your average date night, elevate it to the next level and pull out all the stops. Rent a beautiful space such as an old great hall, an art gallery or a spot on the beach and bring in some caterers to work their magic to create something wonderful to dine on. Shell out for live musicians whilst you eat and finish the dinner off with some entertainment, you can employ cabaret dancers, casino tables or firework displays etc.

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Spend The Day Away

This may be one for after you’ve spent a bit of time together but that would depend on how comfortable you both/all are. You can hop on a place and be at a new destination within an hour, you don’t even have to stay over you can make it a day trip; may be tiring but it will a whirlwind date to remember.

If you are based in England you can fly to Ireland or France in no time at all, be your own travel guide and explore the city together, stroll around and visit all the places you fancy and eat at the quirky places that catch your eye!

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