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We all gather inspiration from somewhere don’t we? Today I’ll be sharing my top 4 favourite beauty icons that inspired me to pick up the makeup brushes when I was younger!


Audrey Hepburn

To me AH is one of the first people I would come across that actually influenced me in the way that I applied makeup and I love her style.


She always liked flawless. Flawless skin, flawless liner and big fluttery lashes, yes she was an icon! Her signature look was always toned down in comparison to other stars in her era and that’s what made her standout.


Marilyn Monroe

I’m sure every knows who Marilyn Monroe is and her iconic signature style has been passed down and tweaked for decades upon decades. She was a true diva of her time and  the way she contoured her lips nods to that, it’s not your average requested to use 5 different shades of red at once is it?!




Although Cher had a very distinctive face, voice, presence etc but she is somewhat of a chameleon, her style has changed a lot over the years but she’s managed to put her stamp on every single one of them. She shows people that being an individual and truly yourself works and if you do it with confidence it just works.



Kat Von D

She’s a modern day icon, I loved her ever since I seen the two tone eyeshadow! Obviously she has her own hugely successful makeup line now too so she’s a leader of makeup in her own right, Kat Von D is bold and isn’t scared of trying new things and paying around with colour and that’s why she’s on my list 🙂


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